“A Dream when you dream alone is only a dream,
Dream when you dream together, becomes a Reality”


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We are the organization providing platform for the BEST Influencers of the World. we are registered Private Limited company from India with a registered name of INTERNATIONAL LIFE SKILLS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED and a Brand name of INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFLUENCERS. we are ISO -9001 certified and MSME Registered organization.  we are affiliated with Crown University, USA. We provide Training Solutions for Life Skills Management, Leadership Management, Fintech and Blockchain Management, Information Technology Management and Corporate trainings.

We create vibrations of Humanization through our trainings, and pass the vibrations from influencer to the other. Our Mode of action proceeds through INFLUENCER Club, Upskilling Youth Programmes, Pilot Projects (For the Weaker Sections of the society) Monthly Trainings, Talk shows. Wisdom wave Exploration Project and Events.

We have started our Chapters in CANADA, SOUTH EAST ASIA & NIGERIA. We have partnered with CROWN UNIVERSITY, LEAD PHILIPPINES, AERO AVIATION ACADEMY OF SCIENCE (INDIA) IOER (International Organization for Education & Research) YES YOU CAN International (UK) , Vertex Group of Companies, Our Projects and Events are supported by United NATIONS PEACE KEEPERS FEDERATION COUNCIL, World Book of Records, The Royal and Great Nobles family office of Hyderabad Deccan, Brave Heart Martyrs Foundation and Phoenix Book of World Records. We are going to Create HISTORY by building IAWI (International Association of Women Influencers) and empowering women all over the world by working on SDG 1. 4 & 7 with CASE STUDY BASED PROJECTS,  TRAININGS for economic Independency and Networking. Our International Academic Fraternity Board (IAFB) & International Student Fraternity Board (ISFB) DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Department, Research Department & START UP, Strategic Department are a source to create Revolution in the history of Education.

We have our own International Magazine I-TRANSFORM, that works on Implementation of Information to bring Transformation.

We have MOST PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF SPEAKERS (HIS) established with a mission of creating Leaders and giving Voice to the Voiceless.

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International Institute of Influencers aims to BUILD huge Community of INFLUENCERS, on the pillars of Ethics, Values, Resiliency, and Happiness quotient. We believe that Being Successful will not always make you happy, but being Happy will make you Successful. So we International Institute of Influencers envisioned to make you Successful, in life, by Humanisation. Our ultimate Goal is to demonstrate theory of “Survival of fittest and adaptation”. We will help you in “evolving   but not extinct “  At International Institute of Influencers, we are on a Mission to transform the term “DISABLE” to “Differently Able” We want to pave the way towards economic independency.

In addition to  Life skill trainings, conferences, Signature Information technology Programmes,  we are coming up with dIfferent programmes like UPSKILLING YOUTH, Influencers Club, Influencers Fair, Influencer’s Awards, Influencer’s summit,  to create a Personal and constructive impact in the society. 


Education builds up the bedrock of informed tolerant societies and is the primary driver of sustainable development. It unlocks opportunities and narrows downs inequalities. We are chasing through the tunnel, as we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We are aiming to demonstrate that more complexities in life, exponentially we will grow. We are aiming to fulfil the purpose of education i.e turning Mirrors into Windows We are going to help you in mobilising collective intelligence by leaning the ladder of your goals, exactly against the right wall, otherwise every step you take will land you to the wrong place. New learning journey is a unchartered territory, where learning spaces will be flipped and structured around projects not around process. Instead of saying here’s a stuff to remember, we are going to propose “here’s a problem to solve & students goes involved in that.”


We are entering into the age of “Super labs” where you will be credited only for your ability to innovate, communicate and collaborate. So, Let’s grow together with enriched Intuition and Creativity which only human mind can offer.

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III, Largest Community of Influencers…


Let’s root for each other & watch each other grow!

Our Core area of training focusses on LIFE SKILLS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY virtually. As Life Skills are Art of Living, we help people to draw their personal and professional sketches of life through Impulsive Life Skill Trainings. Through our UP-SKILLING YOUTH Programmes we help people in creating themselves instead of finding themselves. We help people to gain the momentum from their failures and step forward with great velocity. Information Technology and Survival have become inextricably interwoven nowadays, so imparting training on Information technology is inevitable for the 360 Degrees evolution and development of an individual. Our trainings will be extended to schools, colleges, universities, and different companies for their employees across the world. Our expertise in training assures HANDS ON & PROJECT BASED TRAININGS. We will demonstrate and promote Empowerment with engaged training to the organizations.

We aim to reach the vulnerable societies & marginal communities to empower them with complete set of training at their comfortable pace and time. We are always open to empower the weaker sections of the society for their sustainability. We design special UPSKILLING YOUTH Programmes for weaker sections and aim to work on projects for developing the target locations of weaker society in providing trainings and their sustainable development. We respect United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals 2030 and will act like a natural catalyst in spreading the mission of SDGs all over the world.

We follow and implement the properties of Solids, with strong intermolecular force, they create vibrations and pass it on from one molecule to the other. As influencers, we are all together and will build a healthy and immuned society by influencing leadership, aiming to build the bridges of Bonhomie around the world by spreading ethics, values, and norms in society.

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Robert Collins
Managing Director - Robert J Collins Inc.
You all are an inspiration to us all, to be better, more caring, helping people when needed, but i feel your message to us all is do what you can to help everyone to be better daily, blessings.
Dr. Anu Vrat
IR Tablets ``iAgglomerates``
Wow! Congrats… Designations can’t define You, I am looking forward to see you leading a more powerful and bigger team.

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UNPKFC United Nations Peace Keepers Federation Council

LEAD Philippines Leadership in Education Academy and Developments


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International Organisation of Educators and Researchers INC.