“Strive not to be a Success only,

 But rather be of Value

We International Institute of Influencers believe in encouraging intrinsic Motivation of the Influencer’s Passion, Compassion and it is powered by their dreams and aspirations. People who are motivated by Extrinsic Motivation cannot create great Leaders.

Awarding Committee of International Influencers is formed to power the passion of the leaders who are constructively contributing to the society, to bring, resiliency, happiness quotient and empowerment. Committee has set up certain standards, strategies for selecting Influencers. Awarding Committee will be headed by the Board of Directors & Senior Members of the International Institute of Influencers.

Every month, TWO INFLUENCERS, will be felicitated GLOBALLY by International Institute of Influencers, to BUILD THE COMMUNITY OF INFLUENCERS. Influencers with ethics, values, and norms are encouraged to build the HEALTHY SOCIETY.