About The Program

We International Institute of Influencers are offering an Empowerment based International Diploma programme to train the skills and strategies of International Instructional Leadership specially in the changing scenarios of Pre pandemic and Post Pandemic world. Our Programme aims to Bring out Latest version of International Instructional Leadership empowering educators to survive the existing uncertain challenges. We do not want the educators to extinct due to inability of facing the new scenario. It is completely interactive, Hands-on skill-based programme which will enable you to visualize whatever learnt and enhances your performance. This Programme promise you to built in 21ST century Instructional leadership which will help all educational leaders to face the crisis existing in their schools, colleges and universities. Promoting Quality Learning, providing proper Mission and Vision to the organisation, promoting emotional intelligence in every aspect of the learning, strategies to deal with the stake holders. Operating Skills, Managerial Skills, Instructional Skills, 21ST century Skills and a great route map for Instructional Leadership.

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Wisdom Wave Project
  • Presentation Session
  • Case Studies
  • Viva Voce
  • Grand Convocation Ceremony
  • Featuring all Participants in our INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE “I TRANSFORM”

Duration Of The Course

  • 16 hours ( Every Saturday 2 hours)

Who Can Apply

  • Principals
  • Professors
  • HODs
  • Deans
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Management Authorities
  • Trainees

Those who are willing to enhance their skills and promote their career with International Recognition Certificate from Crown University International Chartered Inc. USA and United Nations Peace Keepers Federation Council Branded endorsement are invited to participate in the programme.


Assessment Criteria for Attaining Diploma

  • Case Study Based Projects
  • Viva-Voce at the end of the Training

Benefits of Diploma In International Instructional Leadership Management Programme (DILM)

  • Affiliated with Crown University International Chartered Inc.
  • Project Based Leadership Programme.
  • Promotions in Careers, Harnessing leadership skills and High Global Certification.
  • Launching Ceremony with Great International Personality.
  • Certification Ceremony and Felicitation Ceremony.
  • Once in a Week every Saturday (Saturday) 2 hours totally 16 Hours Programme.
  • Practical Hands-on skill-based programme.

Our Previous Participants

Our Participants of this programme were from different countries like India, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines’, Lebanon, Australia and Egypt.


Why Should You Do This Program

  • International Recognition
  • Promotions in your current Job
  • Upgraded Leadership
  • Opportunity to become Emotional Intelligent leader
  • Opportunity to become member of International Institute of Influencers
  • Membership Certificate Opportunity to interact with multicultural international leaders from different countries.

Glimpses Of DILM Program